Tips For Finding A Good Mechanic

Posted on 27 October 2019 (0)

A good mechanic is worth their weight in gold, and no matter if you are dealing with your car or the family car, a reliable mechanic can help extend the life of your vehicle at a fraction of the price of a dealership. So, what do you need to look for in a mechanic, and how do you determine if you have found a good one? Luckily for you, we are here to help answer these questions! Here are five tips on how to find a good mechanic!

  • Bring your car friend along

We all have that friend is a gear head, and that knows a little too much about the inner workings of a car. Well, this is their time to shine. A great mechanic will not upsell you on unnecessary repairs, nor will they give you the runaround. If you are someone who could not tell a calliper from an exhaust pipe, then bring a friend who knows their stuff will help determine if this mechanic is worth keeping around!

  • Meet them face-to-face

Some mechanics seem great online, but until you meet them face-to-face, you do not know what you are dealing with. During your initial meeting ask them about their labor costs, what type of parts that they usually work with, whether they carry parts on-site or need to order them in, and what experience they have with your model. This will not only get you some answers on their experience and how they run their shop, but it will also allow you to find out how they treat their customers.

  • The appearance of the shop

A mechanic’s shop is their home, and it should have some order. Naturally, it is going to be a little dirty, and smell like oil and gas, but take a look and see if there are tools all over the place or gear in random corners. A great mechanic will be busy, but will still have some order to their shop, especially where their tools are stored!

  • Trust your instincts

If you are a seasoned car owner, you will have learned what excellent service looks like, and what a fly-by-night operation looks like. Trust your instincts and know that you do not need to get work done here, so it is always your option.

  • Check the reviews!

We live in a world where everyone is a reviewer, and this is great for those looking for a new service provider. Make sure to look at both the positive reviews and the negative reviews to ensure you can get the whole picture. But remember, people, love to complain, so every negative review has to be taken with a grain of salt.

No matter if you are in the country or the city, a good mechanic can genuinely make the difference for your vehicle. We have provided you with some great tips on how to find a mechanic, but we are sure there are a few more! Comment below with your go-to advice and start a conversation!

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Powerful Ways to Master Self Discipline

Posted on 14 May 2019 (0)

disciplineIf you look at your life right now, what is the reason you are not as successful, happy and healthy as you ought to be? There might be a lot of reasons, such as working for long hours like I do in my job, not having the right mentors and people to turn to, not having the required finances among others. All in all, and above all these reasons, there is probably just one single reason, and that is lack of self-discipline. You are simply not doing what you ought to do and that is the reason things are not so well on your side.

The good news is that there are simple things you can do to instill back self discipline and be on course to success. Here are simple things you can work on.

Know your weaknesses

We are humans and we all have weaknesses. They can be weaknesses on a bad eating habit, interacting with the wrong people, being at the wrong place among others. All you need to do is to acknowledge your weaknesses whatever they might be and devise a plan to work towards making them your strengths. In many instances, people try to pretend their vulnerabilities and do not fully accept they need help.

Remove Temptations

As the famous saying goes, out of sight and out of mind, so is the case. One of the reasons you are deviating from achieving self-discipline is having too many temptations by your side. When you remove the biggest temptations from your side, you set yourself to a room of self discipline. If you want to eat healthier, throw away that junk food holding you back. If you want to improve on your productivity, turn off social media and other forms of distractions. Invite a few distractions your way and see your goals suffer.

Set clear goals and have an execution plan.

If you want to achieve self-discipline, you must have a concrete and clear vision of what you want to achieve. You must have a clear understanding of the meaning of success. If you don’t know where you are going, you are going to lose track as you wander aimlessly. Having a clear strategy means you have outlined each step you need to go through in order to reach your goals.

Build your self-discipline

We are humans and we are not born perfect. We achieve perfection with time by working on our weaknesses. Any skill that you want to master requires daily practice, sacrifice and repetition. It is just like going to the gym, where self-discipline and willpower takes a lot of work. The focus and effort required on self-discipline can be very draining. When time passes, it becomes extremely difficult to keep your will power in check. The bigger the decision or temptation, the more challenging it can be to develop self-discipline. Look at all issues that make you lose your focus and work on a way of avoiding or eliminating them in your life.

Dangers of Driving a Car with Worn out Shocks

Posted on 10 June 2018 (0)

Bad road conditionsShock absorbers just as other parts of the car are important but they are sometimes neglected leading to problems. The car shocks wear out gradually but at some point, you will notice that the car’s performance is not the way it was a while back. Worn out shocks can lead to problems on the road that can force you to look for a towing company such as To avoid this, replace the worn out shocks immediately.

It was discovered that in the UK alone, over 6 million of 25 million cars on the roads had at least one worn out shock absorber.  This survey if replicated all over the world would reveal shocking results. Shock absorbers are as important as the car’s tires or brakes. Here are some of the dangers that can result from driving with worn out shocks.

Instability on the road

Worn out shocks reduce the car’s grip on the road. The main purpose of the shock absorbs is to maintain the tires firm grip on the road no matter how slippery or rough the terrain is. If the car losses the grip, it will bounce off the path which can result in accidents.

Inability to Brake

The breaking distance increases when the shocks are worn out with as much as 2 meters. When you cannot break when you need to, this can result in grievous harm such as knocking down pedestrians, animals or bumping into other vehicles.

Stress on the Steering Wheel

SteeringWhen you cannot control the steering wheel movements, it means you are not in control of the vehicle. Also, you have to put on extra pressure on the steering wheel which is not only tiresome but frustrating. If not dealt with, this can damage other suspension and steering parts meaning more expenses.

More Power Consumption

It will take more effort to keep the car on the road moving as it should. This will require more energy from you as well as the vehicle itself. For instance, it will take more power to keep the vehicle on the road when it’s raining or windy as it will tend to swerve off the road.

Tires wear out quickly

All the bouncing and getting off the road will lead to the tires wearing out quickly. You will notice inconsistent dents on the tires. This also reduces steering wheel control.


You wouldn’t want to be in a car that keeps swerving off the road or bounces all the way. It is a discomfort not just to the driver but passengers as well. It also leads to anxiety and avoidable road mistakes.

The shock absorbers should be replaced when there are fluid leaks or suspected wear and tear. Also, when you clock 50000 miles, it is time to get new ones. However, driving on rough terrain, and carrying heavy loads reduces the life of the shock absorbers. You may have to replace them sooner. This will not only improve vehicle performance but keep it on the road longer.

When to Replace Car Shocks

Posted on 28 April 2018 (0)

shocksOne of the things that go undetected in cars is the shocks wearing out. These just like other parts of the car get old and worn out and require replacement. Because this happens progressively, it’s natural that drivers get used to the car’s odd behavior. In normal conditions, the car shocks should be replaced after the 50000 miles mark. This means that you can have the shocks for about three years but it all depends on the usage. Other than this, driving on rough terrain, carrying heavy loads and the vehicle model will determine when to replace the shocks. You can detect the issues when driving the car or just visually checking the car’s condition.



Car not Stable on the Road

After going over a bump, is the car stable or does it continue bumping or rocking on the road even if the road is smooth? Also, do you find it hard keeping it on the course when maneuvering corners? Is the braking distance getting longer? If the car nose dives when braking or becomes unstable, this can indicate worn out shocks. When the steering wheel seems stiffer or needs more effort to control it, the underlying problem may be the shocks.

The excessive bounce, instability on the road and inability to break when required can lead to accidents. Also, it’s scary when you cannot control the steering wheel as you would want.



If you suspect leaks, take a keen look at the wheel arches for oil stains. Not all old shocks leak but its good to keep on checking. Check the tires as well for wear and tear. The dents should be aligned in the same direction but when you notice uneven wear, this can be as a result of the vehicle instability on the road.

Worn out parts

The bushings, mounts and shock body may corrode or get damaged. You can only notice this when inspecting the system. The wear and tear will result in the entire car shock not performing as expected.

As noted earlier, car shocks are ignored because they wear out gradually. You get used to the progressive changes in the car’s behavior meaning that you may never suspect you have a problem with the shocks until an accident takes place or a mechanic points out. Therefore, make sure you get them regularly checked and replaced when old or worn out.

Noticeable Symptoms of Worn Shocks.

Posted on 14 April 2018 (0)

Ever wondered how you get a smooth ride even on a bumpy road? Well, your vehicle’s shock absorbers take credit for this comfort you have whenever you go for a ride. Besides helping you have a smooth ride, shocks also help you maintain control of your car during a ride. Like many other parts of the vehicles, the continuous use of the shocks will result in wear and tear causing them to malfunction. There are symptoms of worn shocks that you need to learn so as to avoid the uncomfortable ride that can result from bad shocks. Once you know the signs, you will be able to know when to take your vehicle to the workshop before the problem gets out of hand. Here are top symptoms of worn shocks you should know.

Uneven Wear On Tires

When your car shocks are worn, they will fail to keep the tire firmly on the road surface. Bald patches or uneven wear of tires is likely to be as a result of worn shocks. Ensure the tires maintain uniform contact with the road to avoid unnecessary tire replacement costs and for your safety.

Rocking and Rattling

The shocks of a car control the impact and vibration of the springs and suspension of a vehicle. If your car rocks and rattles over uneven road surfaces and railways tracks, your shocks could be heavily worn.

Nose Diving While Braking

Nose-diving results when you apply brakes and then the front of your vehicle points toward the ground. Although your vehicle will not flip like it happens in movies, this is a serious safety issue that needs your attention. If you notice your car dip while braking, consider hiring a mechanic to check your shock absorbers.

Excessive Vibrations When Driving

Are you getting vibrations throughout your drive? While driving over a bumpy road may cause the steering wheel to vibrate, this should not be the situation when you get to a smoother road. If the steering wheel vibrations persist while on the smooth road, it would mean your shocks have a problem. Such vibrations can make you lose control of the car.

Delayed or Longer Stopping Distances

When you notice that your vehicle takes extra time to stop after you apply the brakes, it could mean you have worn shocks. Worn shock absorbers increase the stopping distance of a vehicle by averagely 20 percent. This can easily cause result in an accident since delayed stopping distance means the vehicle won’t stop where you want it to. Let experienced technicians diagnose your car and fix the problem.  

Car Sliding In The Winds

When your shock absorber is worn, they can cause unsteadiness when driving. If your car lacks the correct car sliding across the road in mild wind, you should have your shocks checked.