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Dangers of Driving a Car with Worn out Shocks

Posted on 10 June 2018 by admin (0)

Bad road conditionsShock absorbers just as other parts of the car are important but they are sometimes neglected leading to problems. The car shocks wear out gradually but at some point, you will notice that the car’s performance is not the way it was a while back. Worn out shocks can lead to problems on the road that can force you to look for a towing company such as To avoid this, replace the worn out shocks immediately.

It was discovered that in the UK alone, over 6 million of 25 million cars on the roads had at least one worn out shock absorber.  This survey if replicated all over the world would reveal shocking results. Shock absorbers are as important as the car’s tires or brakes. Here are some of the dangers that can result from driving with worn out shocks.

Instability on the road

Worn out shocks reduce the car’s grip on the road. The main purpose of the shock absorbs is to maintain the tires firm grip on the road no matter how slippery or rough the terrain is. If the car losses the grip, it will bounce off the path which can result in accidents.

Inability to Brake

The breaking distance increases when the shocks are worn out with as much as 2 meters. When you cannot break when you need to, this can result in grievous harm such as knocking down pedestrians, animals or bumping into other vehicles.

Stress on the Steering Wheel

SteeringWhen you cannot control the steering wheel movements, it means you are not in control of the vehicle. Also, you have to put on extra pressure on the steering wheel which is not only tiresome but frustrating. If not dealt with, this can damage other suspension and steering parts meaning more expenses.

More Power Consumption

It will take more effort to keep the car on the road moving as it should. This will require more energy from you as well as the vehicle itself. For instance, it will take more power to keep the vehicle on the road when it’s raining or windy as it will tend to swerve off the road.

Tires wear out quickly

All the bouncing and getting off the road will lead to the tires wearing out quickly. You will notice inconsistent dents on the tires. This also reduces steering wheel control.


You wouldn’t want to be in a car that keeps swerving off the road or bounces all the way. It is a discomfort not just to the driver but passengers as well. It also leads to anxiety and avoidable road mistakes.

The shock absorbers should be replaced when there are fluid leaks or suspected wear and tear. Also, when you clock 50000 miles, it is time to get new ones. However, driving on rough terrain, and carrying heavy loads reduces the life of the shock absorbers. You may have to replace them sooner. This will not only improve vehicle performance but keep it on the road longer.